ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good day one and all!

A few days ago my Mother and I were challenged to pour ice and freezing cold water over our heads to bring awareness to ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease research. If we chose not to complete the challenge we had to donate $100. We, as I know other people have, did both. Simple.

What is not simple is how outraged people have become over this challenge. I won't stop on the subject of how ridiculous I think that is, but I will say that I am happy something as simple as pouring bucket of ice on your head has brought people's attention to a disease I'm sure most of them have never heard of. If you hear someone speaking about Lou Gehrig's Disease, then maybe. But ALS? Probably not. I, like others, know that there are a good chunk of people out there doing the ice bucket but not having a clue why. That's unfortunate, but that's how the world works. Some people just don't take the time to get all the information, and others just don't care. But so many people do. Last year the ALS Association raised $1.9 million dollars from July 29th-August 19th. This year during that same time period, they raised 22.9 million dollars. Did you read that number? Read it again: 22.9 MILLION DOLLARS. Yes. The silly notion of pouring ice over your head caused someone to research this and donate. Imagine.

I think it's wonderful. There is very little that I can do as a non-doctor, non-scientist, non-researcher sitting on my couch at home. But donating money to a very worthy cause and dumping ice over my head for the entertainment of others is definitely something I can do. So I did.

I saw this video on Facebook thanks to my friend Louisa. If you would like to witness the most real and honest ice bucket challenge out there, then please watch. Take a few minutes out of your day and watch as someone who was recently diagnosed with ALS not only does the challenge, but explains why it is the furthest thing from silly. Then after that, you can scroll down a little further and watch my Mother and I pour the ice over each other's heads. I enjoyed putting my Mother through that a little more than I should have. Now after you've gone through the process of reading this, and watching those videos, please donate. WWW.ALSA.ORG!! They need all the financial support they can get and for most of us, that is all we can do. So please give what you can.

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