Soda is Soda is Soda is Soda!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Regular or diet, soda is not good for you. End of story. 

I try to go through my life being as kind as possible to everyone but especially to those who are struggling with something. But really I am just sick and tired of watching people who are unhealthy complain about being unhealthy and then watching them down soda by the litre. Give me a break. No wonder you don't feel good and you're constantly tired and have no energy - you fill your body with nothing but either a) liquid sugar or b) fake sugar in chemical form. Either way, both are doing damage to your system. 

Nothing makes me more frustrated than listening to someone try to justify their soda addiction by saying that they drink diet. It's the same thing. Makes no difference - I promise you. If you really want to be healthy, cut out soda (as well as iced tea, orange "drink", energy drinks, and anything else that comes in a can) and try drinking other things. There are natural flavourings that you can put in your drink if you don't want to drink water all day. They taste good and they are not bad for you. Not to mention you can drink real juice (if you drink it often I'd suggest watering it down a little bit so it's not as much sugar but at least it's natural sugar) if you have that much trouble with water. 

I understand. Believe me - I have a hard time drinking nothing but water all day. As soon as I stopped drinking soda (and all connected drinks) I realized this was going to be tough. I never drank it all day every day but making the conscious decision to not grab one out of the fridge was hard for the first little while. Then I noticed that weight was just falling off and all of a sudden I had more energy than normal. It was great and still is to this day. In all honesty, every now and then I have a ginger ale but that is only on very rare occasions. Oh and I don't have to apologize for it. Cutting pop off all together for a year and a half was what I had to do in order to be able to have one once in a while. 

Consider yourself hypocritical if you complain about your weight, how you feel, or your overall health if you consume soda on a daily basis. You may as well just put liquid sugar directly in your veins. It's really bad for you. 

You may wonder what inspired this weird post. I saw a commercial last night from Coca-Cola where they were talking about their new health movement and the alternatives they offer to just drinking full on Coke. Give me a break. We need to avoid your company as a whole - not give in to your other products that are just as bad for us. Be strong people! It's a better decision. But hey, you don't have to listen to me. Just don't expect me to listen to you when you complain about how unhappy you are and how bad you feel. You are doing it to yourself! 

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Caftan Woman said...

Except when it's "pop".

My taste for the fizzy beverage has greatly diminished over time, but it is clearly an addiction and people have to face up to it. We all have them and we all have to fight them.