An Open Letter to Lane Bryant

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Every time I post a blog post, I notice that I am usually expressing my frustration with something or ripping something apart so I walk away from it telling myself that will not be the case next time. Then by the time I sit down to write another post, something happens and here we go again with a blog post expressing my outrage towards something else. Can we all at least agree that these are fairly important subjects? Yes? Good. I feel better. Now let's get down to business.

As you may have gathered from a previous post of mine (#OnlyFatPeople) or if you have seen me before, then you know I am a plus size woman. I am not ashamed of anything and in fact I am very proud of who I am. That does not mean that I am okay with staying this way the rest of my life but my goal is to be healthy, not skinny and there is a huge difference. Anyway because of my size I tend to shop in plus size stores. This is for many reasons, which I will not list here but the fact is that I do and have found a few that I quite like. One of those stores is Lane Bryant. 

I was just browsing around the site today doing a bit of window screen shopping, when I came across an item in the sale section that I thought was a Take a look at the picture below.


Do you see what I see? Yeah I thought so. I'm not even sure where to begin and honestly as I look at the picture again it is only making me more angry.

Aside from the fact that I have never met one self respecting plus size girl in the world who would ever consider putting that on under any circumstances, I can't even name one friend who resembles the girl in the picture who would wear that either! In this case, size doesn't matter! But my real problem with this is the model they have wearing that thing. What exactly qualifies her as a plus size girl?

I am disgusted that this even got through the multiple channels it had to go through to get on this site. If you look at a lot of their clothes (especially pants/shorts) a lot of the models that they use are not plus size. They are normal size women. This is a website that sells up to a size 34 in some of their items. What is a size 6 doing modelling these clothes? It is insulting to the customers who are being mislead in the merchandise. It is insulting to the women that look at this site and think even worse of themselves because they are nowhere near the size of this "plus size" example they are given. It is completely disrespectful to the poor girl they have modelling these clothes. Honey, you are nowhere near plus size so you should be modelling at Old Navy or The Gap. Lastly, it is the reason that people of all sizes feel bad about themselves every single day.

This company has billed themselves as merchandisers who constantly make their consumers feel good in their skin and provide them with clothes that they can wear comfortably. This is not an example of that. There is no way that I will shop at this store and support a company that is misleading in a way that is painfully obvious. I'm not a fool. I understand that this is all about business for the company. Think of all the business you are going to lose with garbage like this. This girl is probably a third my size and I am nowhere near the biggest size you sell at your store. It's degrading. This is the problem with the world. A plus size clothing company is contributing to the fact that women all over the world are not eating, and learning over toilets with toothbrushes shoved down their throats so they make sure not to gain any weight and lose all they can. You're contributing to the downfall of women's self esteem.

People need to be healthy. Women need to be healthy - but we do not need one of the stores where we go to find clothes that fit to be misleading us and indirectly judging us for being a certain size. Get your act together. You have my word that I will not be shopping at your store, which is a shame for me because the products were not half bad and a shame for you because I was a damn good customer until today. Your contribution to the "full figured" women of the world is insulting us and making us feel bad about ourselves. Not to mention the poor girl who you basically call fat by using her in an ad for clothing that starts at a size 12. Disgraceful.

I urge everyone who reads this and agrees to write to Lane Bryant and make this disgusting error in judgement noticed. Send an email to their customer service (HERE) and tweet them (HERE). You can add the link to this post as well as your own comments. Make sure that your voice is heard.

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