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Friday, February 1, 2013

Well one thing is for sure - social networking can be really frustrating.

This week I have been down and out with Norwalk Virus (it's lovely, you should try it sometime) and because I didn't have a lot of energy, I wasn't wasting what energy I did have looking at my phone, computer, or any other device. Cut to me creeping back into the digital world today and wanting to jump right back out.

For the most part, I love the idea behind Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the other smaller apps/websites I pay no attention to because they're all modelled after those three I mentioned), but the few things I noticed after coming back on this week turn me off of everything except blogging completely! Here are a few key things I noticed.

1) Clearly some people just don't have friends beyond their phone/computer screens. If you feel like you need to broadcast your news via Twitter and then a) expect everyone to constantly follow your feed for updates or b) give you attention because of the negative, horrible, and life ending situations you seem to constantly always be in, GO OUTSIDE AND MAKE SOME REAL FRIENDS!!!!!!! Seriously do you think that I am going to be watching your feed for constant updates? On top of that do you really think that anyone wants to see your negativity all the time? I completely understand how it could be somewhat therapeutic to release certain frustrations online but when people do it to very clearly look for attention then I'm out. Not only will I not give you attention but I will most likely not be sympathetic or understanding when you do choose to speak to me directly about your situation. Put down the phone and go outside and socialize with people. Stop whining. Life isn't always so miserable. If it is, its because you make it that way.

2) Just because I am not online for a couple days does NOT mean I died. If you sent me a message on Facebook or "tweeted" me and I didn't answer, maybe try picking up the phone! Send me a text or try calling me. Even if I don't answer either of those things it still doesn't mean I died. Maybe I need some space or maybe (like this week) I am sick and just don't have energy to be answering everybody. But really take a moment and think about how sad and pathetic our society has become when you send yourself into a tizzy because I didn't post a picture of my dogs for two days or I didn't send you a tweet back immediately. Get over yourself. This is not a proud moment for you.

3) The people who post all the important life updates on Twitter are not the only really sad ones out there. The people who are following someones life altering event online as opposed to in person are just as much at fault here. Obviously it makes sense to post some news on Facebook/Twitter so others will see it. Usually positive news only in my opinion but whatever. If you got a new job and are excited about it, post away. If you bought your first car, shout it from the rooftops! If you have an infected boil, please keep that to yourself. No one wants to hear that. Really no one wants to hear that over Twitter or in a text or phone call. So see a doctor and take care of that. But if my Mom asks me what is going on with a friend and my answer is "I don't know I haven't checked their Twitter" then I deserve to be slapped. Thats ridiculous. Why do you people insist on doing that? Doesn't anyone interact anymore?

Try going out and socializing in person this week. If there really is something sad going on in your life, take a break from putting it out in the social world and talk to someone about it. I'm sure you have friends that would love to help get you out of your funk. Just try it. It's a lot less work to just be happy rather than to be miserable and dwell upon every little thing that is not currently making your life the perfect fairytale that you want it to be.

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