Grammy Nominations

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I really don't have any patience left today and it's only 10am. Quite frankly the Grammys are a subject I don't speak about anymore but today I've decided to break that rule and explain why I established it in the first place. The Grammys are no longer a prestigious award. When you start nominating Taylor Swift for a Grammy your legendary statues become just as pointless as Much Music awards. I am constantly disappointed by the fact that every year the nominations followed by the broadcast (and the web-stream of the awards to the real people who deserve them such as the producers who work the auto tune to make these crappy artists' voices sound somewhat decent) are all about these artists who have no idea what they're doing and no talent to go along with it. Yes, some people can play instruments but in terms of singing and songwriting? No dice.

We are unfortunately living in a time where people are easily impressed. You don't have to work to use your brain anymore so you are satisfied with a song that has "lyrics" made up of 3 sentences (Call Me Maybe, Friday, Baby, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together). What should NARAS be doing with these songs? Ignoring them. What did they do? Gave Justin Bieber a best new artist nomination two years ago and Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen record and song of the year nominations this year. Give me a break.

I feel like these pointless artists (who are sucking all of you dry of your money and brain cells by the way) can have the MTV awards, Billboard, AMA and all those other award shows. I don't care. But the Grammys? These awards are legendary. They have a history of awarding real artistry and recognizing incredible talent in the world. It is not about who is selling out the most arenas and who is making the most money. It's not even about who's song is number one for 50 weeks. It is about the artist. Who has talent, who wrote incredible music, who proves themselves time and time again and deserves recognition. Justin Bieber does not - so Scooter Braun please stop crying like a baby and get over the fact that the academy did something right for once.

When Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist two years ago it made me cry. Why? Because that category was one by someone who deserved it. Someone who was just really starting to burst onto the scene with their innovative approach to music and immense talent. I am not really bashing hard on this year's nominations. I am a huge Mumford and Sons fan so I am thrilled to see them nominated. P!nk is someone I have looked up to since the day I first discovered her music. I have also been a fan of Maroon 5 since "Songs About Jane" and haven't stopped. Fun. put out a fantastic record and I think they deserve their nominations. They all deserve their nominations. There are many people who have their fans ranting and crying on Twitter about how they deserve nominations and The Grammys "suck" because their idol wasn't nominated. I understand your frustration, but completely disagree. I said two years ago that I would not watch the Grammys again. Last year I did not watch. There is a good chance that I won't watch this year. Even though I am not as uncomfortable with the nominations as I have been in recent years, they still have yet to announce the performances. That is usually when I call it quits.

All-in-all I am not trying to rip people apart. Actually I am trying to steer away from that whole image especially on my blog. But one thing I cannot change is my passion for certain things and thats what this is. I love music. It is the most important thing in my life. It's in my blood. Music will never betray you. I would never tell someone what to listen to but I absolutely question people's choices to listen to certain artists. Music that is just fun to dance to or upbeat with no meaning is sometimes fun. Everyone listens to it. Not at all the time and it definitely does not deserve the attention it gets. "Boyfriend" will never be a good song and the singer who sings it will never be a real vocalist with actual vocal ability. Even if he had vocal ability it doesn't mean he would put it to good use. Christina Aguilera - I'm talking to you. An amazing voice that has gone straight down the tubes. "Let There Be Love"? "Make The World Move"? "Lotus"? ALL of Bionic! REALLY!? Whatever. One of the best voices of our generation that has gone straight down the toilet singing ridiculous music.

Usually I am the one to say "as long as you're happy" which is pretty much still my point. As long as all these puppets and money making machines are happy doing what they're doing, thats great for them. But to NARAS, do not let them cross the line into Grammy territory. Please keep your awards at a respectable level. It will take some time to build back up to that. But please work on it. I'm begging you. You have no use for Taylor Swift. Throw her back.

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