Monday, December 31, 2012

I know that I say this every New Years, but THIS will be the year!

Every person goes through their ups and downs and every year is not going to go perfectly. This year for me was, in most ways, what I wanted it to be. I trimmed the fat both literally and metaphorically, I grew up in multiple ways, I got a real start on my writing, and I spent more time with some old friends.

However, some of my closest friends and family members went through hell. It broke my heart that while I had nothing to complain about, some of the people closest to me were dealing with some of life's most horrible events.

So for 2013, I am hoping that this can be a year of happiness. I'm hoping that the inevitable downs of a year can be minimal for the people I love. This is a year that a bunch of my friends are getting their lives started. Graduating from school and moving into the working world, graduating school and moving away, or, after clearly hitting their heads at some point, graduating school and going off to do more school! Yikes! Whichever is happening, these are all positive experiences.

As for me, I am looking forward to continuing on my path of writing, and hopefully some traveling as well. I have some exciting things coming up this spring and summer, which I will share with everyone when I can.

As for everyone else, make this your year! If you were one of those people that thought the world was going to end, then you're absolutely crazy and probably unprepared for this year - but don't let that stop you! Pull yourself together and go out and achieve whatever it is you want for yourself. This is not a year for excuses. Some see '13' as an unlucky number. I see it as the luckiest number out there.

So here we go - 2013 will be the best year ever!

Happy New Year!

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Caftan Woman said...

"Not a year for excuses" - I like that! Thanks for the words of wisdom and Happy New Year!