Pay Us, Or We'll Break Your Windows

Monday, May 28, 2012

Alright, so I had a great blog post planned out about what has been going on in my life the last few weeks and I actually had some fun things to share, but then you hear a story and it's blog-worthy and plans change. Unfortunately, unlike my positive and exciting blog post, this one is coming from the angry place. But sometimes it's fun to visit that area so lets go. 

My Mom had been going through this long and tedious process of getting some windows in our house replaced. From day one, this company was difficult and hard to deal with. Oh by the way, I'm not being discreet because everyone needs to know where not to go, so: DUNDAS DOORS AND WINDOWS, ATTN: BOB HAMMOND.

After weeks of pulling teeth to try and get them to come and do the job they were being paid for, finally they came and it was an all-day process. They finish the job and thanks to our friend and carpenter, Wayne, he finds out that the job was done wrong and they had to come back and fix it. So right away, Mom has to call Bob at Dundas Doors and Windows and tell him that someone needs to come back right away and do the job properly. 

Instead of saying what he should've said (Oh yes of course, right away. I'm very sorry and someone will be there shortly.) he said that he would send someone out when he could and then proceeded to ask for the remainder of the payment for the work. Mom had put down a deposit of 50% and of course, would pay the rest when the job is done. The job was NOT done. However, because she has good faith and thought the job had been done, the cheque was already in the mail. She told Bob just that and after a few more frustrating minutes, he agreed to send someone out. 

So someone came and did the job to fix the windows, and afterwards proceeded to bother my Mom about the cheque saying that Bob told him to pick it up. He was told that she would not issue a second cheque and just as she had told Bob, the cheque was in the mail and he would get it whenever it arrived. The man said "Well I hope so. This wouldn't be the first time that someone has come back and broken the windows." Excuse me? Are you KIDDING me?!! 

My Mom was smart enough to not tell me about this until a few weeks after it happened because she knew that I could not be trusted to handle that kind of a situation. She told the guy to stop talking and leave. Of course she called Bob Hammond who denied everything and said that would never happen. 

Well Bob, you didn't get to talk to me so let me just say this: if at any point any windows in our house are broken, you will be the first name and company name that I will personally give to the police along with the story in full and the complete records of phone calls and interactions that my Mom has with you. Even though you denied that ever happening, your guy would not have come up with that on his own. So Mr. big and bad, I suggest you stand down.

So in conclusion, avoid DUNDAS DOORS AND WINDOWS and BOB HAMMOND at all costs. Tell your friends, family, neighbours, teachers, dentists, doctors, mailmen, and overseas cousins. Unless you want to be threatened with property damage, go somewhere else for any needs that your windows and doors may have. 

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