Some People's Children

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've come unglued. My tolerance has hit an all-time low. Why? Let me recap:

It's more than painfully obvious that we are in an era where the music world is slipping and people's morals and respect for artists (and more) is slipping further and further. This is the YouTube era and all the rules pretty much go out the window. Personally, I love YouTube, but I also have to say that I can more than see where it can be really frustrating because it has become impossible to control leaks, and things being released illegally. Everything is up there for the world to see. One thing I love about YouTube is that it lets everyone express themselves. Whether you're doing a video blog talking about your life and today's society, or you're singing for everyone to hear, you have the freedom to post what you want.

My issue? The fact that with the wonderful aspects of YouTube, also comes the heightened opportunity to make a career for yourself off of someone else's work and recognition. Over the last few years I have come in contact with many idiots. Hey, it's just simpler to state plain fact. There are a few in particular that stick out in my mind, but today I'm focused on just one. At risk of bringing any more attention to him personally, I will not mention his name (or YouTube handle). In early 2007, he put up a video of himself showcasing his lovely copyright infringement talents. At this time, YouTube was not as powerful as it is today, so I was patrolling and able to get taken down what had to be taken down. I sent him a message and informed him that what he was doing is not legal and that he needs to take it down. After arguing with me via YouTube message (everyone knows how much I love people who will act all big and bad from behind their computer screens) I told him that I was connected to the artist that he basically plagiarized, and all of a sudden this two faced man couldn't be nicer.

I quickly learned that he had previous legal troubles with my Dad for pretty much the same issues but just without the internet part of it. This was back when people listened to CDs and bought concert tickets. I was nice and I answered his messages. He started to get very personal, and being that I was a young teenager (15 at the time) I didn't want to hurt his feelings by ignoring him or telling him to get lost. So I answered the messages and figured it was all innocent. My mother was not impressed, knew he was a slime ball, and told me to stop. I felt bad, didn't want to be mean, so when my Dad passed, I closed that YouTube and made a different account so there would be no further contact. 

Cut to 2009, when I'm trolling iTunes just for fun and I see that this same gentlemen (that's a stretch and I know it) has released a "tribute" album to my Dad on iTunes. I'll give him his credit - that takes guts. Unfortunately, unless he didn't get a license to release Dad's composition, I can't do anything about it as much as I would love to have that album pulled. So I left well enough alone and went on with my day. 

Here we are today. A few months ago he sent me one of the most creepy messages I have ever received on Facebook. First of all, I thought my Facebook was hidden. Obviously not well enough. I'm trying to get through reading this essay that he sent me and I was immediately uncomfortable. I called my nephew and read it to him and at first he was laughing. His tone quickly changed and he asked me what the hell was wrong with this guy. Needless to say, I ignored the message. Two months to the day that he sent me that message, I received another one, in a completely different form. This one was more visibly frustrated by the fact that I had not answered him. Did I mention two months to the day? TO THE DAY!!!! This freak show was obviously keeping an eye on my response time. Dude, do you not have a life? In this new message he was talking about how someone say they mentioned him to me when I was in New York, and he didn't know if he did something to piss me off. Then he ended by saying that he asks my friend in New York (who will also remain nameless) for updates on me and my Mom. WHAT? CREEPY! 

At this point, I'm so uncomfortable I can't even sit still. I don't want to put my friend in a weird position because he is totally innocent in this and doesn't know that this seemingly innocent person is in fact in need of a 5150. So I messaged him and just basically said if he gets asked about me, please don't say anything because I don't want this particular person knowing whats going on with me due to past problems. He said cool and this was as good as done. I also sent the nutcase a message saying that it is inappropriate and disrespectful of him to ask my friend for information on me. It is disrespectful to both him and myself. 

Well you'd think I'd told him that Santa Claus didn't exist! He fired back at me like you wouldn't believe. He said that he was the first person to ever pay tribute to my Dad (I'm pretty sure I laughed so hard at that comment that I was crying and coughing up blood) and to be disrespected and hurt like this was devastating for him. Cry me a river, clown. I don't' want to hear it. As if that wasn't enough he then tried to bring up RELIGION. RELIGION! He was saying "I thought Christians were supposed to be forgiving". Dude, really? You're making assumptions about my religious beliefs that may or may not exist and then throwing it back in my face? How low can a person get? Of course he then went on to say that I could ask various people in the music industry that he knows I'm connected to (yes, of course he used names) and he basically dared me to find someone who will say a bad word about him. Buddy, I would never waste anyone's time by even mentioning your name to them,

Bottom line, he is way in over his head. He is upset because he has attempted for 15 years or so to make a career off of my Dad and it's not working as well as he thought. In my opinion, he's getting what he deserved. It's a shame too, because I'm sure he is probably a decent player (when he is not copying note-for-note what other people are playing) and could have a good career. But you automatically lose respect when you try to get fame and recognition off of someone else. 

In both of his creepy and personal space invading messages, he mentioned how he has read my blog. So, you know who you are and I hope you enjoy this post! 

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