Musicgasm: Rufus Wainwright: Out Of The Game

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every now and again I will tweet a song or artist as a whole that I'm listening to, but I think that it's more appropriate to add that to the blog now. So we'll see how this goes. I'm not convinced I'm capable of keeping up with "Words of Wisdom" as well as a "#NowListening" post once a week. It's a lot...kind of. 
Okay not really, I'm just lazy. But I'm really going to try. Also, I need a better title than "#NowListening". I haven't even published this post and I'm already bored with it (and yes, I know the number sign has no relevance on the blog but it's the image not the actual meaning so shut it!). So tweet me other suggestions please! (@celineolivia).

UPDATE: MUSICGASM!!!!!!!! That is the official title. It's brilliant and I know it. So I'm using it.

Rufus Wainwright: Out Of The Game -iTunes-
This album just came out at midnight and I have listened to it in it's entirety 3 times. I have a feeling I will be obsessed for a while. I absolutely adore Rufus and his musical brilliance just continues to blossom and grow. My favourite song on the album is "Candles".

Enjoy! You won't regret this purchase! 

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Wendy L. said...

Hi Celine...enjoyed your posts..I love Rufus as well :)...I just saw him live for the first time at the Orpheum theatre in was amazing...Anyway, just want to say hi..I'm following your posts by email now :).