Randy Jackson Can Hate on The Voice, BUT...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have an opinion on Randy Jackson's comments on "The Voice". No one may care or want to hear it, but I'm stating it anyway.

First of all, who even watches American Idol anymore? They haven't produced any talent since Carrie Underwood. Secondly, I would much rather have 3 talented, accomplished, and dedicated artists from various genres offering their opinions on my singing as well as coaching me, than a disgruntled bass player/producer, a professional screamer (who couldn't even scream in key if he tried, let alone sing), and a dancer turned wanna-be singer. The three coaches on The Voice are more talented than any of the three JUDGES (you see the difference there?) on American Idol will ever be. That part is not my opinion - that is fact.

Also, The Voice does one thing that I absolutely love. The blind auditions! On American Idol, X-Factor, America's Got Talent, and all those other "talent" shows, people are judged not only on their ability to do whatever they are doing, but on their appearance, which to me is incredibly disrespectful and not the way it should go. These judges can say that they are only judging on the vocal talent of the person standing in from to of them, but it's inevitable that on the inside they are really judging on more. Look at them! You can't tell me that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are not judging partially on appearance. I just don't buy it. These people are professional celebrities. They know how to fool you.

All of this is just my opinion, but you won't catch me watching American Idol. I wish that a lot of the people who tried out for this show would have respect for themselves instead of standing in front of these people hoping for their opinion when really, it doesn't matter!

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