Biggest Loser Walk-Out

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shameful. Shameful, shameful, shameful, SHAMEFUL!

If you haven't heard (and you may not have because really, who cares) the contestants of the current season of "The Biggest Loser" decided to walk off set in protest today. Now, I have had my fair share of issues with this show (see here, and here) but at the end of the day, I still support the cause. Here's the breakdown:

Once upon a time there was a group of 20 obese Americans (because if you're not a US citizen, you're not eligible by the way) who wanted to lose weight. However, they wanted to be on television and win $250,000 more. So they applied and successfully became contestants on the Biggest Loser as actors who claim to want to lose weight, be healthy, and inspire a nation, but really they want the dough. One day the producers decided to bring back previously eliminated contestants and have them compete for a chance to be back on the ranch (as they have done in EVERY SINGLE PREVIOUS SEASON!). This season, the contestants decided that was not acceptable and no one was going to get in their way of winning this money (even though these are all people that were originally on this show and in their way...but whatever). So they staged a walk-off forcing production to be halted for at least a week.

I stopped watching this show a few years ago for this and reasons similar. However, I never thought that the contestants on this show would ever actually walk off because of money. I have never liked when contestants get too far into the game play and forget about their health all together, and I especially don't like when the trainers get involved in the game play. However, without controversy, you don't have a show so I accept that and just don't watch. This is so far beyond unacceptable that I can't even handle it. I called my sister and after I broke it down for her, I lost my words because I didn't even know what to say.

Honestly, what I say doesn't even matter in this situation because whatever happens, happens. But I will say that there are thousands of deserving and dedicated individuals all over the world who actually want the opportunity to work with Bob Harper (Dolvett you don't have enough credit yet) and Jillian Michaels (get back to the ranch... they need you) and are passed up because one of these money hungry vultures gets a spot. Step one to changing this is that I think NBC needs to be a little bit more open and extend their eligibility to people all over the world. Step two is that the producers need to find the fine line between what is good for ratings and what is just ridiculous. Start kicking people off! Find a new crop of people who want to lose weight and can deliver certain antics for ratings.

Something that fans of the show can do is to take the inspiration that you get from the show and not fight to be on it, but fight to lose the weight yourself at home. I know it's hard, painful, emotionally draining, and at the beginning, not fun - but it's so worth it at the end of the day. I still have a long way to go, but I feel so good and I'm incredibly thankful for that. You know you can watch The Biggest Loser while you're on the elliptical? Do it! Better yet, turn off these ungrateful people on the show and watch Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy, The Firm, Mad Men, CSI, anything!

I hope this is the end of this show. It's gone too far.

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