Happy 2012!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Well, well, well... 2012 is finally here! So considering that this is (according to the mayans) the year the world is going to end, let's make it a good one! I don't believe that whole world-ending-so-says-the-mayans thing (especially since the world was supposed to end about 8 times in 2011) but I feel like it could be the push that everybody needs to do the absolute best that they can do for themselves this year. So I'm going with it for now.

The last little while has been busy and interesting and very enlightening for me. However, since it's a new year, I'm not going over all of that. The focus today is on what my plans for the future are. Every year, I seem to have resolutions that are similar or exactly the same as the year before. I figure this is because I never actually manage to follow through on most of my resolutions. So this year, I'm serious and there needs to be some positive change for me. My number one resolution is always to eliminate the bad friendships. Every year I eliminate one or two bad friends, and there always seem to be even more the next year. Good God, they're multiplying!

This year, I've decided my motto is simple. TRIM THE FAT!

Operation TRIM THE FAT consists of these categories:

1) Health
2) Friendships
3) Stress
4) Fears

I'll explain. I think that health is obvious. I'm happy with myself and where I am. Obviously these journeys take a long time, but I feel great. I am not ashamed of myself, and I do not live an unhealthy lifestyle. So there is not a lot that I can say except that I want to continue down this path.
Friendships must go this year. This has nothing to do with other people anymore. It's all me. My responsibility to myself. It is my duty to be strong enough to kick the people who are no good for me and my life, right to the curb where they belong. I can't be afraid of hurting anyone's feelings (considering they don't care about mine) and I can't be worried about the drama that it may cause. Just have a shot (or two) and get 'er done ;-)

Stress is way too big a category for this blog. You can never completely eliminate stress. People who say they are 100% stress free are just plain liars. However, you can learn to manage your life and your avenues where stress comes into play so that it doesn't affect you nearly as much. That is what I have to do. I will never be able to have a stressless life, but I can make it so that I don't complete break down and lose it every time something stressful appears. This also ties in with my fears. I admit that I am a very fearful person. I can talk about how important it is to be brave, and not be afraid of what you can't control, but I can't live that way. This year, that changes. I can't specify what fears I will conquer because it isn't about planning to overcome specific things that I am scared of. If you're afraid of skydiving and you conquer that this year, congratulations! But not me. Every time something comes up that I normally would be afraid of, I need to let myself breathe and try and conquer that fear at that moment. Not planned. Not arranged. Just as it happens.

So those are my resolutions. Cliché? Maybe. Repetitive and slightly lame? Perhaps. But they're mine and they are whats going to help me reach my full potential in life.

So with that, all the best for 2012! We will be spending more time together this year - I promise!

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