Valentine's Day... Why I refuse to celebrate!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's get ONE thing straight before I start this slight rant about what I believe to be one of the most pointless days of the year. I DO in fact believe in love. I love love. I believe in true love, love at first sight, PDA, romantic songs, and all the rest of it. What I do not believe in, is making one day of the year where people are forced to show their love for one another.

Let's be honest. If you have a significant other, shouldn't you be expressing your love for them all the time? I'm pretty sure that's how that works. Last time I checked, it wasn't just one day a year. Let me break a few things down for you. Boy meets girl (or boy). They date. They fall in love. They celebrate anniversary after anniversary (first date, first kiss, first know, first fight, first make-up, and so on and so forth). Then February rolls around. There may or may not be expectations from one or the other. However, there is not generally communication between the two about what is expected. So one of them goes out of the way to over-plan and pull out all these ridiculous stops. Next thing you know, boy comes home to rose petals all over the floor (nice mess to clean up), candles everywhere (yeah it won't get warm at all), the lights dimmed low (at least they're saving power), romantic music playing (usually not the good jazz...usually that smooth bar crap), and so many flowers that it looks like the botanical gardens had moved locations! On top of that, there's dinner and presents. Now let me ask you - is that not what happens on the big anniversaries?

My man will know from the start - NO VALENTINES DAY! If you love me, show me by doing little things every now and then. Surprise me with dinner once in a while. Leave me little notes every now and then. It used to be the small things that matter. I don't really know why that's changed.

Another thing is, the Valentine's Day sales and promotion start immediately after New Year's! Forget leftover Christmas things - all that is over. January 2nd - welcome in the pink bunnies, pink and white candies in heart shapes, singing cards (yes, really), fake flowers, and my personal favourite... mixed CDs. It's all ridiculous. I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. When I was smaller I enjoyed it because I was a kid and I didn't really think about it. Now I am older, and I don't think that people should feel forced to show their affection on this generic day. It's not an actual holiday. You still have to go to work and school. Show your love on an anniversary, or better yet, on a regular basis in small ways. There's a novel idea!

So this year, for me, February 14th will just be another day. However, it will be a day when I listen to music that is more along the lines of Anti-Valentines Day. So feel free to tweet me any suggestions!

I now leave you with this final thought...

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