2011 Grammy Awards

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammy Awards used to be my favourite award show. I used to enjoy it when I was little and they were still acknowledging the groundbreakers in music, and people who were not just going to be around for a minute. The last few years I have not at all been happy by the end of the show. Everything is for commercial media and to get attention.

The way the music business is going today, I should not be surprised by the fact that I'm not a fan of the show. What is funny to be about the whole situation is the fact that I am someone who loves all different kinds of music. I will listen to anything that anyone tells me I should hear. I have a very open mind and I love anything that has character, depth, and a meaning behind it. With that said, I also have no problem listening to songs with no messages and that are just great to have on when you don't want to think (I could name artists here, but I will refrain from doing so).

Last night there was huge controversy over the "Best New Artist" category. Justin Bieber, Drake, Florence and the Machine, Esperanza, and Mumford and Sons, were all nominated. Looking at this category, all you really needed to see was Justin Bieber and Drake to know that everyone else could very well be in trouble. Then all of a sudden, the winner was announced, and Esperanza's name was called. I was at my friend's house getting ready to leave. I heard her name, I screamed, and was immediately elated. I could not believe that a jazz artist had just won a) a Grammy on the televised broadcast, and b) an award over Justin Bieber and Drake! Then I took a minute to realize that these awards are not given based on the screams and online votes of 12-16 year old girls.

My happiness lasted about 10 minutes. That was when I got home, turned on my computer, and saw hundreds of hateful 'tweets' and stories online from all these outraged people that she had won the Grammy. I was disgusted. To be fair, I understand how some people would feel when someone they probably don't know anything about, beat out the guy they have pictures of lining their room. I can understand why they would be upset. I have felt that way the last couple years when all these one-hit-wonders would walk up the stage, accept their Grammys, and then have no relevance the next year. These people would beat out artists who have been working hardcore for 20+ years. However, I never went as far to send out death threats.

The next thing that angered me was the fact that aside from all the violence online, the next thing you would read is "WTF she's not even popular!". Now.. let me get one thing straight for everybody. The Grammy's is one of the award shows where it is not a popularity contest. This is not the People's Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, VMA's, MMVA's, or MTV Movie Awards. This is not voted on by all of you out there. This is by the Recording Arts Academy. Therefore, it isn't by a bunch of 14 year olds clicking "vote" a million times. It is the one music-based award show out there where real artists actually have a chance.

I would just like to take a second and say that I currently have more respect for Justin Bieber than I ever did before. In reality, all he is doing is living his dream, and we shouldn't have on him for that. His music isn't the worst music out there by any means. I would rather listen to him than a lot of other artists. Plus, he has respect for the fact that he lost and she won. He was very gracious and even if he was upset behind closed doors, he did it behind closed doors. He needs to live his life and do what he likes, and if that he's doing makes him happy, then that's all there is to it. There are other issues that are out there than this kid. So go on JB. Do your thing.

I am still heartbroken that the Academy does not think that the Jazz, Classical, and Lifetime Achievement categories should be televised. I think it's disgraceful. Incase they forgot, this is the music and the people that inspired artists today, and probably the artists that inspired them! It's just really sad to think that this music is being disregarded by the one music awards show that has any real relevance.

Two videos that I would like to have to go along with this are as follows:

Esperanza giving really wise words in the press room after her win:

...and Justin Bieber and Esperanza sitting together after. This one is really just for all the pissed off little 14 year old brats who wish her death.

Be cool now you little girls. There will be someone new in a year or so. So save room on your walls, and move on from this.

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