Wow, 2 months!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I need to start getting better a blogging. Two months without doing a post is definitely too long. I have a lot to say most of the time, so to keep from doing these ridiculously long posts, let's aim for more often!

So, the last two and a half months...

October 30th:

Aspects of Oscar: Oscar's Songbooks.

The Royal Conservatory's Koerner Hall, was home to the first in a series of tribute concerts to Dad entitled "Aspects of Oscar". Each concert has a different theme. This night was the first in the series of 5 concerts. The first one was "Oscar's Songbooks", which focused on the work Dad did with the Great American Songbook, as well as some of his original compositions. Dave Young was headlining that evening. He had at his side, Robi Botos on piano, Reg Schwager on guitar, Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, and Terry Clarke on drums. This group is a powerful force. I had never heard Dad's songs that they played with the trumpet included. It was incredibly beautiful. Kevin is one of the most talented trumpet players out there today, and the arrangements that Dave did, mixed with Kevin's immense talent was certainly a major component in making this night special. I got to spend some time getting to know Kevin a little bit a few weeks later (we'll get to that soon) and I can honestly say he is a fantastic person. Incredibly nice, and very funny! One of my favourite's that they played was "When Summer Comes". I couldn't believe that I didn't have any tissues with me, and to be honest, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house during that song.
Terry had played and recorded with Dad before, and one of the songs that they recorded together was "Cakewalk" from the live album "Nigerian Marketplace". They played that, and it was definitely swinging!
There are no words to describe Robi Botos. He is capable of so much, and he is so modest and humble about everything he does. I don't even know if he realized how much talent he has. Even if you put that aside, he is a fantastic human being. Very kind and just an overall joy to be around.
Reg Schwager I don't really know all that well, but he is a fantastic guitar player, and it was wonderful to see him smile on stage while he was playing this music. Really, everybody looked happy the entire time that they were on stage, and I think that is something that is lost today in music no matter what genre you are talking about.
Dave Young is someone I have known my entire life. He has always been a very close and important friend to Dad and of course to me and my Mom. Without him, our lives would be a lot darker. He is someone that has definitely not gotten the recognition that he deserves in the music world. He works so very hard all the time, and he is a LEGEND. Bottom line.

To get information about the remaining 4 concerts, you go to THIS link.
The next concert is December 11th, and it is McCoy Tyner.
After that is Benny Green and Ulf Wakenius on January 29th.
Monty Alexander comes in March, and Roy Hargrove closes the series in April.

November 7th:


Dave was doing a week of shows at Marian's Jazz Room in Berne, Switzerland with Kevin, Robi, and Terry. He invited me to come along for a little vacation. So I was a very lucky girl who got to see them play every night!
I had an incredible time. Our dear friend, Marianne, took me out a few times to show me not only around Berne, but around the surrounding areas and driving through the mountains. It was unbelievably beautiful, I can't even describe it.
As an added bonus at the end, I got to see my best friend who I had not seen since May. I was so excited. He came for the last two days and we had an incredible time together.
Also on our last night, we got a surprise when guitar player and friend, Russell Malone came by the hotel to hear Dave's set and have dinner with us. He is hilarious and such a great spirit to have around, so I really enjoyed that as well. He was on a tour of Europe with the legendary, Sonny Rollins. I'm glad he had a night off and could come visit us.

Coming up this weekend, Monty Alexander is in town doing a special private gig with his Jazz & Roots ensemble, and he is sneaking us in! I'm very excited. That is one of the most exciting shows I have ever seen. Last time I saw them was when they were playing at Birdland. So this is definitely a weekend to look forward to.

Saw Burlesque tonight. It was a better movie than I thought it would be! I am not a Cher fan, but when she sang "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" I was definitely surprised. Such a great song.

That's all for now!
I'll be back sooner than two months next time :)

"I've been brought down to my knees - and I've been pushed way past the point of breaking, but I can take it. I'll be back, back on my feet. This is far from over. You haven't seen the last of me."

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